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July 27th, 2011 by Slabs | Print Buzz Marketing

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This is a great marketing book that forces you to start thinking outside the box. Assuming you don’t work for a company with really deep pockets and you’re trying to launch a business on a shoe string budget, you have to be creative when it comes to marketing.

I can sum up any business plan in 2 objectives:

  1. How are you adding value?
  2. What is the cost / how do you acquire customers?

Number one is usually easy to answer. I have a widget / service that does x,y,z – people need it, love it, etc. Number two is where things get tricky.

In 10 years I’ve launched 6 businesses. I have had only 1 mild success. The biggest problem with each one is how to cheaply acquire customers. This is a major problem.

Buzz Marketing provides some great advice:

  • The law of 6:People pay attention to content / suggestions / word of mouth 6 times more than they do an add. Want to get the word out – an ad won’t cut it, you’ve got to get people talking to each other about it. Or better yet, get the media and news to talk about it – this is the essence of buzz marketing.
  • Make it a secret:If there’s one thing people love to share among each other it’s a secret. Google launched gmail as this ‘not yet released’ service, but if you get an offer and tell a friend we’ll give them an account too. Somehow overnight they gained 10% market share – not much of a secret after all!
  • Taboo:Genitalia, sex, anything related to the potty or that you’re not supposed to talk about it. Run a campaign around something unmentionable and watch it get mentioned, a lot.
  • Unusual / got started with a funny name, some t-shirts, and a small amount of online marketing. Be honest – you want to tell someone the name right now.
  • Funny:Give people something to laugh about and a story to tell.
  • UnPolished:Slick designs, costumes, posters – scream corporate. Go with something that looks homemade and you’ll gain peoples trust and interest.
  • Customer Support:If you’ve got the media talking about your product, have a great story people are sharing, and then you give crappy customer service – that is the number one way to kill sales. Secondly, exemplary customer support can be one way to get your existing customers recommend your business.
  • Employee evangelists: Don’t talk about IPO’s, sales goals, or hitting the numbers. Reference the secrets above and get your internal team talking about what makes the product / service great. CEO’s who offer a week of their compensation to a member with the best idea for saving on operations costs, board members who drop by individual stores, these are things you want your team talking about internally. Your employees should be the front line members who are evangelizing your product / service and telling everyone they know how great it is. They don’t do that b/c of money, but because of something worth talking about.

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