A professional blog (and why you need one)

July 28th, 2011 by Slabs | Print A professional blog (and why you need one)

A professional blog, such as this one, focuses on content that is relevant to your career and business interests.  I reference mine in my resume, and also keep an updated resume on the blog itself for potential employers or business partners to review.

Recently I had an interview where I was asked, “Why have a professional blog?”  There are multiple reasons:

  1. To establish yourself as an expert.
  2. Provide content that an employer won’t find in a resume.
    • Some employers want to know and will seek out as much information about a candidate as possible. Make is easy for them by providing them with the best source possible.
  3. To retain your learning’s.

This last one is the most important. I’ve recently been reading a book about the human brain. Memories are written and erased on a daily basis. Much like a physical hard-drive, there is only so much space that we have to store information. Memories that are not jogged every once in awhile disappear forever into the ether. By writing down your thoughts, learning’s, and observations and then periodically reviewing them you ensure that you don’t lose those insights, which if you’re like me, you painfully learned the hard way.

I try to read one new book per month, and by distilling the best parts of the book in a review on my blog, I make sure not to forget what I’ve read. Employers can get a feel for my personality and interests, and hopefully a few readers of the blog will either be enlightened or post a comment that leads me in a new direction.

As long as you’re not posting anything inappropriate or opinions more suitable for flame wars on internet comment boards, a professional blog can be a positive tool for your personal growth and career.



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