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March 29th, 2012 by michael | Print RantRally – social media startup

I’ve been working for the past year on a social media site called “RantRally”. The concept is straightforward – call a toll free number, leave a voice message, and it shows up on the site in real time.

Anybody can listen to your messages, follow you, share you message on twitter or facebook, embed it on a website, or email it to a friend.

The reason for launching the site isn’t obvious until you take the time to go and listen to some ‘Rants’. If you’re socializing on the web and all your doing is reading text, there is an element of human emotion that is missing. Video is great but there’s a barrier with putting video on the web quickly and easily.

Everyone has a cell phone these days, and it’s incredibly easy and quick to dial a number and leave a short audio message.

I’ll be posting more information on RantRally, including our marketing efforts, but for now I encourage you to checkout the site by going to: ww.RantRally.com or by clicking the logo above.


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